Internet Explorer 9 Wave Wallpaper

Before i made a IE 9 Wallpaper which comes only in 1024×768 pixels.

But now I created another Internet Explorer 9 Wallpaper

Google Ads:

for 1920x1440px Standard Screen and 1920x1200px Wide Screen size…

Internet Explorer 9 Wave
It took me 2hours making this one, too many styles and creativity spent but it came to my mind, why make so complex when Internet Explorer 9 was created for simplicity and ease of use, so I made it into simple one 🙂

I do hope you like it. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome.
Thank you…

Download Internet Explorer 9 Wave
Download Hits: 988 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 897.73 kB

If you want a No Logo Version of IE 9 Wave, check out Vanity Blue Wallpaper

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