Download Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 (Direct Download Link)

Mozilla has uploaded Firefox 9.0 final version to it’s FTP servers. The official announcement can be made anytime now. Firefox now will be able to run JavaScript-heavy websites faster thanks to new “Type Inference” feature in the JavaScript engine. Another addition in Firefox 9 is a method for checking for the “Do Not Track” option via JavaScript, rather than just reading the HTTP header. The mobile version of Firefox 9 comes with a brand new and customized interface for Android tablets. Firefox 9 also integrates better with the latest Mac OS more

Download Mozilla Firefox v15.0 Browser for Windows, Linux and OSX

Mozilla Firefox browser – Bringing together all kinds of awesomeness to make browsing better for you. If you need a fresh new copy of Firefox, you can get it here… What’s new in Mozilla Firefox v15.0? Silent, background updates Support for SPDY networking protocol v3 WebGL enhancements, including compressed textures for better performance Localization in Maithili Optimized memory usage for add-ons JavaScript debugger integrated into developer tools New layout view added to Inspector High precision event timer implemented The CSS word-break more

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