The Kindle eBook App for Android Tablet & Phones

The Kindle app gives you access to over a million books on Amazon and you don’t need a Kindle. (more…) more

The Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

Cozying up to read a good book has long been a favorite pastime of millions but while many still like the look and feel of a real book there is no doubt that mobile devices and ereaders make it much more convenient to carry around a large collection of ebook, whether you do so for work, study or fun. (more…) more

Kobo Android eBook Reader

This Android ebook reader allows you to browse, download, read and enjoy millions of free and affordable books from your tablet or phone - everything from the hottest new releases to popular classics. (more…) more

Apple sold over 300.000 iPads 3G

According to expert opinion, Apple managed to sell over 300.000 its tablets iPad 3G over the weekend. In many stores Apple tablets are sold out in full measure, major part was sold by pre-orders. Due to the fact that 3G model of the iPad is more expensive and therewith users will have to pay additionally for mobile Internet, its supply rate will be less as compared with the ordinary model. (more…) more

The iPad vs. Kindle

The good guys at Consumer Reports have decided to put the iPad against Kindle in order to see which of these two devices is better. Bloomberg picked up this story and interviewed Paul Eng, A Consumer Reports senior Web editor, to find out how did the iPad proved itself in the comparison test. more

eBook again

Amazon has made an acknowledgement that it is developing a Kindle app for the iPad. The company has posted a page on its web site describing upcoming Kindle apps for tablet computers, amongst which the iPad is specifically mentioned. (more…) more

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