Install Android on iPhone 3G / 2G with iPhodroid [How to Guide – Windows]

We already covered that iPhoDroid supported Windows but for iPhone 3G only, today, it brings support for iPhone 2G too. With iPhodroid R13k you can install Android on iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G on Windows or Mac OS X thanks to Sergio Mclfy, the developer behind iPhoDroid. (more…) more

iPhodroid for iPhone 2G Windows Version Coming This Week

iPhoDroid, the application that allows you to install Android OS (Google's platform) on the iPhone in one click, announced the arrival on Sunday of the next version compatible with iPhone 2G for Windows. Few days ago we announced the release of iPhoDroid 1Shot R13H for iPhone 3G only. (more…) more

How To: Install Android On iPhone 3G Using iPhoDroid 1Shot R13 For Windows

Yesterday we have reported the release of iPhoDroid 1Shot R13, The application for Windows that allows you to install Android on your iPhone 3G. However the many bugs , did not allow multiple users to complete the installation. The developer then has released two more updates, coming up to version iPhoDroid R13k represents a major upgrade since it includes many fixes. (more…) more

Download iPhodroid R13 For Windows Now [Updated]

Finally, iPhodroid for Windows says hello! iPhodroid, a tool that installs Android on your iPhone 3G ONLY, now supports both Mac OS X and Windows. You will be able to install Android system from Google on your iPhone with one simple click (1Shot). Your device must be jailbroken to be able to be able to use it. (more…) more

iPhodroid R13F For Windows Coming this Weekend! Get Ready

Now, Sergio Mclfy can see better in the next update for his popular tool iPhodroid which install Froyo Android 2.2 on iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G. This tool will be updated at this weekend to bring support for windows, Yes, iPhodroid for Windows is coming this weekend, and it will work on Widows XP / 7 / Vista. Get Ready! (more…) more

iPhodroid for Windows will be Released Next Week

You have always dreamed by iPhodroid for Windows! Finally, it's coming soon, Sergio Mclfy, the developer of iPhodroid has confirmed that he has managed to install iPhodroid on Windows and get it working! He posted that he scheduled to release it next week, will he really release it and next week? from his quotes, (more…) more

iPhodroid R13 1Shot to Install Android Froyo on iPhone 3G / 2G

We already talked about iPhodroid R13 1Shoot, this new version enables you to install Android on your iPhone 3G / 2G with one click install! This tool is made by Sergio Mclfy and based on Planetbeing's work, Now Mclfy makes his tool much easier for people with this release. (more…) more

iPhodroid R13 1Shoot Coming Soon

iPhodroid, which installs Android on your iPhone 3G will be updated to what you have never seen. Two weeks ago iPhodroid R12 Released to install Android Froyo on iPhone 3G and then iPhodroid R12b, Now Sergio Mcfly announced that iPhodroid R13 coming soon and it will be 1Shoot, Meanwell it will be easier than the all older versions and it supports full uninstall from your device (more…) more

Download iPhodroid R12 to Install Android Froyo on iPhone 3G and Unlock it [How to Guide]

This is the Big Event of the day, iPhodroid R12 the much waited tool from Sergio Mclfy has been Released today to Install the Best Android OS [Froyo] and the amazing thing that it Also Unlock your iPhone 3G/2G on any Baseband Including BB 05.13.04 (more…) more

iPhodroid R12b has been Released to Fix R12 Bugs

iPhodroid R12 which was announced today to be avaliable for Download, there was some bugs in that version and people was complaining a bit, So Sergio Mclfy has just updated his easy tool to iPhodroid R12b to Install Android Froyo 2.2 on iPhone 3G and unlock it easily. (more…) more

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