Download Windows 7 Toolbar Icons for Internet Download Manager

As you already know we love IDM. We shared you why Internet Download Manager is our favorite download manager, and we even gave 5 Licenses as giveaways before. But now, I am sharing you a Windows 7 Toolbar Icons for Internet Download Manager. (Full Preview included inside the download archive) Cool isn’t it? I just made this IDM Toolbar in a few minutes and it turns out to be worth to share here to our dearest subscribers and to all IDM enthusiasts, and I hope you like it too. How can I install this IDM Toolbar? Copy or Extract 7-IDM.bmp, more

Remove Minimize to Tray Icon in IDM

Are you annoyed on Internet Download Manager download progress minimize to tray icon? Here’s a way to remove it, and make your IDM download progress window cleaner user interface. I have been using IDM (Internet Download Manager) for quite sometime now, and I love IDM, from how it handles my downloading behaviour, besides from that, it downloads faster than other download manager. If you want to try it, you can go and download IDM from the official homepage, and try the trial period of 30 days. (Note: This is for educational and customization more

[Giveaway] 5 Internet Download Manager 1-year Licenses for FREE

Its part of our 1yr anniversary here in and I would like to give back to our fellow subscribers. 5 promotional licenses to be given away to our lucky subscribers of for free and this giveaway will end on September 04, 2011. so, you’ll have a chance to join now until its over. Recently, we posted a simple review on Internet Download Manager or IDM for short. and please do read it why we recommend IDM. How to join and win? 1st Subscribe to our Email Newsletter by entering your email address in the box on the more

Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 Patch for GLOBE Users

Opera Mini 5.1 Beta Patch for GLOBE users only! Few months back I made my own patch for GLOBE, but now I wanted to share this to all GLOBE Subscribers… Note: This was tested on N79 (S60v3) and 5800 (S60v5), and it works fine. Use any working Opera Mini proxies you have already, and this is only a patch not a full installer, you must download and install the Original Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 from official opera website. (This is for Hacked Phones only) Installation guide: after you downloaded the file, extract the zip and Open .sis file, it will more

Download Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) for Windows 7/Vista [Direct Link]

We all know that Microsoft Windows has a built-in Web Browser called Internet Explorer, from Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and older Windows OSes… Now, Microsoft release a Internet Explorer 9 which is also the best web browser nowadays, that competes from other known browsers (Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome) If you are using other browsers as your default web browsers, think again, IE 9 is now faster, cleaner UI and gives better protection, you may also consider that It comes from Microsoft that built our favorite OS Windows 7. We don’t more

How To Block an Application from Connecting to Internet with Windows Firewall

Wanted to block an app from connecting to internet using the Windows Firewall in Windows 7, this is how we do it… There are many reasons why you want to block an app to connect to the internet, and I wont list them here. Lets Get Started Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security from your start menu or type in the start menu search box and on the left sidebar click the Outbound Rules next on the Actions Pane (right side pane) click New Rule a dialogue box opens, choose Program and click next, after that click Browse. After selecting the more

Best and Fast Download Manager on the Web – Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Are you looking for a best and fast download manager for your Windows PC? then read this review why you should use Internet Download Manager (IDM)… Most of us we download stuff from the internet with the built in download manager from our browser like Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome, you think that’s enough? Using a download manager like Internet Download Manager you can manage it at your desire. Download your file at scheduled time of your choice. Auto Manage Saved Folder – IDM are set to save your downloaded files as categorized. Videos are more

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