Google Streaming Search with Google Instant

Google has formally released a new feature called "Google Instant" this morning in San Francisco, It's already rolling out, and many of you may be seeing it on Google now. Instant Google speeds up research suggesting. (more…) more

iPhodroid for iPhone 2G Windows Version Coming This Week

iPhoDroid, the application that allows you to install Android OS (Google's platform) on the iPhone in one click, announced the arrival on Sunday of the next version compatible with iPhone 2G for Windows. Few days ago we announced the release of iPhoDroid 1Shot R13H for iPhone 3G only. (more…) more

Google Is Creating its Music Store

As reported by Reuters, Google has already made arrangements with major record companies in view of the birth of a style iTunes Music Store . The Music Store Google should begin by next Christmas, in fact it will be a dangerous competition for iTunes, which now owns 70 % of the digital music market. (more…) more

How To: Install Android On iPhone 3G Using iPhoDroid 1Shot R13 For Windows

Yesterday we have reported the release of iPhoDroid 1Shot R13, The application for Windows that allows you to install Android on your iPhone 3G. However the many bugs , did not allow multiple users to complete the installation. The developer then has released two more updates, coming up to version iPhoDroid R13k represents a major upgrade since it includes many fixes. (more…) more

Google Launches Chrome 6 on its Second Birthday

Today, Google is celebrating the second birthday of it's Chrome web browser with the release of new stable version of Chrome. Google Chrome officially hits version 6 bringing and even cleaner and simpler user interface and increased speed and performance. Remember that it was just two years ago when Google surprised the world by announcing a new browser, and now they are in a real browser war. (more…) more

Download iPhodroid R13 For Windows Now [Updated]

Finally, iPhodroid for Windows says hello! iPhodroid, a tool that installs Android on your iPhone 3G ONLY, now supports both Mac OS X and Windows. You will be able to install Android system from Google on your iPhone with one simple click (1Shot). Your device must be jailbroken to be able to be able to use it. (more…) more

Google Enhances Gmail With Intelligent Service Inbox Priority

Gmail introduces a minor revolution in the inbox. With the new "Inbox Priority" service which will refer you to the most important emails to read. We are suffering from spams, the bad offers to buy strange drugs, organized meetings with women or ask money for financial scams. Then there is a lot of spams but there is an email we want to read it first. (more…) more

How to: Send Links From Google Chrome To iPhone

Google added a very useful function in Android , a new extension of Google Chrome allows you to send links to your iPhone with one click. you will be simply able to send links, location, Google Maps , Youtube videos and etc. directly to your iPhone. (more…) more

Microsoft Co-founder Sues Apple, Google and Facebook

Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, sues Apple, Google, Facebook and eight other companies including YouTube, Netflix and AOL saying that they are using technology developed about a decade ago at his now-defunct Silicon Valley laboratory. (more…) more

Google is Testing Centered Layout?

According to Google System blog post, users are reporting that they begun to see a centered Google layout for search results pages, the same as Yahoo but with a top navigation bar and better search results! (more…) more

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