HackCenter to Hack Games on Game Center

Well, here's a great hack for all Game Center players, this hack will allow you to send any score you want to any game in Game Center, this hack called "Hack Center", it will be available at Cydia soon, in the below embedded video you will see how to use HackCenter to submit a fake score for "Fruit Ninja". (more…)...read more

Infinity Blades RPG to Hit the App Store on December 9th!

The long waited Infinity Blades RPG will hit the app store on December 9th. The game was demonstrated in Apple's keynote before. This action role playing game was developed by Epic Games (also known as ChAIR) graphics has been flawless! The game will sell for 5.99 in the US. (more…)...read more

iPad iOS 4.2 Game Center Apps Being Approved

Great news for iPad users and App developers, Apple has started approving Game Center compatible iPad applications just ahead of iOS 4.2 release. Even some of the iOS 4.2 apps are available for download like Big Bad Sudoku Book (iTunes Link) which has now full support for iOS 4.2 and also ready for multitasking too. (more…)...read more

Game Center Now on iPhone 3G with Full Functionality [Updated]

Although Apple has completely denied the support of Game Center on iPhone 3G, Clayton Braasch the guy who works on unlocking iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.1 on 05.14.02 baseband, has just confirmed that Game Center is now hundred present functional on iPhone 3G. Of course he is not the first to run Game Center of  iPhone 3G, but he succeeded to run it without issues.  He just sent a screen-shot showing this, you can see it after the break. (more…)...read more

Enable HDR and Game Center on Jailbroken iPhone 3G / 3GS running iOS 4.1

When Apple released iOS 4.1, it announced HDR photos for iPhone 4, and Game Center for iPhone 4 / 3Gs. So, iPhone 3G / 3GS users was not satisfied as much as other users with iOS 4.1 as they don't get HDR or Game Center, so, after the release of Redsn0w 0.9.6 to jailbreak iPhone 3G on iOS 4.1 and Sn0wbreeze to jailbreak iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.1, you can now get both HDR photos and Game Center on jailbroken iPhone 3G / 3GS running iOS 4.1 with "HDR/GameCenter Enabler" tweak. (more…)...read more

Install Game Center on iPhone 3G running iOS 4.1 [Jailbreak Required]

Apple has completely denied the support of Game Center on iPhone 3G. But, we already told you that Game Center is coming to iPhone 3G running iOS 4.1 through jailbreak and by the release of Redsn0w 0.9.6b1 yesterday, iPhone 3G can be jailbroken on iOS 4.1. From now, you can install Game Center on jailbroken iPhone 3G running iOS 4.1 by following the step by step guide below. (more…)...read more

Game Center is Limited at 500 Friends per Account?

These days, iPhone users are busy playing games and accepting friends on Game Center. But it seems to be crapped at 500 friends per account, I noticed that in my account when I reached 501 friends, it didn't receive friend requests anymore. You have to delete a friend to receive a friend request. That was also noticed by MuscleNerd, the well-known iPhone hacker. (more…)...read more

Game Center Coming to iPhone 3G Through Jailbreak [CONFIRMED]

Yeah, you read it right! Game Center will be available for iPhone 3G (not compatible) as soon as iOS 4.1 jailbreak is released. That was confirmed by MuscleNerd, the well-know iPhone hacker behind the iPhone dev team. He answered someone asking him and the other hackers if Game Center will be available through jailbreak, and guess what? (more…)...read more

New Game Center App Store Section is Now Live

If you already have a profile on Apple’s new social gaming network "Game Center", head over the to Games tab and tap "Find Game Center Games" to be whisked off to the new exclusive “Game Center” section which just went live on iTunes. (more…)...read more

Game Center Gets a Compatibility List and Full Reset to be Ready for iOS 4.1 Launch

It seems like Apple is getting ready to release iOS 4.1 anytime now. Our users are reporting that Apple has completely reset the upcoming Game Center network. Also, another big news today, Apple has posted compatible devices for Game Center on iOS 4.1, guess what? iPhone 3G still out, iPod touch 2G gets in. (more…)...read more

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