Best Smooth Scrolling in Mozilla Firefox

One thing that keeps me using Mozilla Firefox is the smooth scroll feature in it that other browsers cant achieve (for now).. well, if we talk about “there’s an add-on for opera, google chrome” its another thing and also it cannot beat the smooth scrolling feature in firefox.. Now, i am going to share the best smooth scrolling in firefox i have tried lots of tweaks and addons but nothing can compare to this addons for firefox :) Okay, enough said and lets get started! all you need to do is to install SmoothWheel into your more

A Must Have Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is most use web browser nowadays. How about some useful extensions for Google Chrome? Yes! Just like Mozilla Firefox, we install some add-ons to make the most of our web browsing easier. Now in Google Chrome we are going to add some extensions too. So, what are the extensions that we will install? Here are some useful and a must have extensions for Google Chrome… To Install the extensions just click the Install button from the links posted below! Download Links at the end of the post. AdBlock for Chrome! Blocks ads all over the more

A must have Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Add-ons

Surf the World Wide Web with Firefox and a good Add-ons! Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Add-ons: Adblock Plus Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper Flashblock 1.5.6 Personal Menu 3.0.9 PDF Download ImageBot FoxClocks Screengrab! 0.95 WebMail Notifier 1.0.12 Stylish 0.5.7 For Stylish, you can find tons of styles available for you @ Hint: Dont use too much add-ons, the lesser the add-ons, the lighter your firefox handles in your system the better.. (but still u have customization space of your own). Hope this gives you an more

Firefox Addons that steals your password?

The software, called Mozilla Sniffer, had been downloaded about 1,800 times in the approximately five weeks it was available on, Mozilla reported in a blog post on Tuesday.   The blocklist will prompt the add-on to be uninstalled for computers running the program. Users who installed it should change their passwords.   Mozilla Sniffer intercepts login data and sends it to a remote server that appeared to be down, according to the blog post.   The software was not developed by Mozilla, nor was it reviewed by the company. more

Animation logo before the logon screen of Windows Vista

Windows Vista Default AnimationBefore After Download it Here! Copy authui.dll to %WinDir%System32 U need to have permision to do that..ive added the Take Ownership.reg file Merge it,to add easy Take Ownership to ur context menu.. browse to your Windowssystem32look for authui.dll right click then Take Ownership.. Thats it!now you can rename the original file to whatever name u want for restoration purposes.. copy the edited authui.dll to your WindowsSystem32 Note: I wont take responsible for any damage it may cause to your system..Do it at more

Google URL Shortener Addons for Firefox

Shortened long URL for easy share to facebook, twitter or any social networking you want, or share it to an email, forums, or your own website… There are many url shortener services out there and what i frequently use and my favorite is the google url shortener service. Google URL Shortener is currently available for Google products and not for broader consumer use. Now, i am going to share you this addons for firefox. It is called Cutyfox URL Shortener – Short too long URLs with only a single click and get them copied shortened more

Fix Firefox 4 Min, Max, Close Button UI on Windows XP

We all knew that Mozilla Firefox 4 is the best web browser, and you have to admit that :), and the latest Fx4 has changed it’s User Interface (UI) too. But Firefox 4 on Windows XP that uses a custom visual style (theme) the spacing of the buttons are a messed. Firefox 4 on Windows XP with Custom Visual Style (Theme) as you can see the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons are not well alligned or the spacing of the buttons are not properly arranged when we use a custom visual style or custom themes in windows xp. This is not an issue in more

Australis Firefox Theme Redesigned for Mozilla Firefox

Another Clean and Elegant Theme for Mozilla Firefox. Australis Theme for Firefox was developed by our friend from dA SoapyHamHocks and redesigned by pes Australis Theme is mockup theme for firefox based on a design by Stephen Horlander. (click image for larger preview) What I love about this Australis Firefox theme is the minimal design, light color and its simplicity. I highly recommend this theme for Firefox users who wanted a clean look for their Mozilla Firefox browsers. Download Australis Redesigned Theme for more

Open Firefox Bookmarks To A New Tab In Background

In this article we’ll show you on how you can load or open Firefox Bookmarks to a new tab in background by changing your Firefox advance configuration… If you open your Bookmarks in Firefox, e.g. from your Bookmarks menu or Bookmarks Toolbar into a new tab it will switch you to that tab by default, so if you are doing something in your active tab and you wanted to open some of your bookmarks you are automatically directed to that tab. We will change that behavior, so that we can continue do our task in our active tab and open our bookmarks more

[Update] Download Waterfox 64-bit Browser for Windows x64 Machines

We all know that a 64-bit machines run faster and more stable than 32bit system, with Waterfox 64-bit take advantage of that and make your browsing experience much faster and responsive… Waterfox | The fastest 64-Bit variant of Firefox! Waterfox is a 64-Bit version of Firefox. The Firefox source code is taken and compiled to run specifically for 64-Bit Windows computers. To make Waterfox stand out a bit more, it’s compiled with optimizations so that it will run more efficiently and faster than just compiling Firefox as a 64-Bit program. For more

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