Website Offers Free Cases for Troubled iPhone 4 Customers.

Amidst a class-action lawsuit and an apology by Apple due to reception problems of the new iPhone 4, one company steps up to do something about it.

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You may have already heard the latest news regarding the iPhone 4 reception issues, but you would be hard-pressed to find anyone actually doing anything about it.  Apple has offered, what some consider, a poorly worded apology with instructions on “proper gripping”, but nothing close to a solution to the problem.

One company appears to have stepped up to the plate to help iPhone 4 owners forget their external antenna related woes.  The website began shipping a limited supply of their exclusive LifeGrip silicone cases yesterday, while most cases are on pre-order until the middle of the month.  The real story here, however, is that they’re doing this at no cost to the consumer and only asking to be paid for shipping the case.  The cases should help prevent obstruction of the external antenna on the iPhone 4&#8242-s bottom left corner.

The LifeGrip cases are available in black, white, purple, blue, and rose, though only purple and rose are available for immediate purchase due to high demand, but the rest have an estimated time of arrival on the 19th of July.  Of course this is in no way an endorsement for, nor is it review of the quality of these cases, but I have to applaud this company for making such a bold move and doing something to solve a problem that was never their fault in the first place.

The LifeGrip cases are available for purchase and pre-order on at the price of $3 for nationwide shipping.  Whether you receive one of these cases or not, write a comment and tell us what you think.

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