Verizon vs. AT&T. Who will win?

iPad is said to be compatible only with AT&T’s 3G network in USA but AT&T’s rival Verizon no matter what makes its employees advertise its own data plans to buyers of new Apple tablet.

Journalists gained Verizon’s internal memo which says that the impending launch of the iPad is a great opportunity for them to attract new clients. Sales people must try to convince customers to use Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad and connect it to the Verizon 3G network by the instrumentality of such device as MiFi. The company considers that its main advantage is saving as the tablet with 3G costs $130 more while they want $60 per month for a 5GB data-only plan. But where is the saving here?
By the same token this is much more expensively than $29.99 for unlimited network access without contract offered by AT&T.
Before iPad’s presentation there were rumors that Verizon was most probable partner for data on the device but AT&T is said to have made more interesting offer to Apple i.e. cheap data plans without contracts.
Anyway, customers can buy 3G version of the iPad starting at $629. The AT&T network access can be bought or rejected at any time directly from the tablet. Though the device will be unlocked, owing to hardware limitations it will only have access to AT&T’s 3G data network in USA.

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