The iPad Wi-Fi+3G was launched

On April 30, just as Steve Jobs promised, Apple tablet computer “senior” model, i.e. the iPad Wi-Fi+3G, was launched. There was no buying craze, however, traditionally there gathered little lines by the main stores, thus, by the store in San Francisco there were 75 people in an hour and a half before opening.

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Technically they differ only in GPS and 3G modules availability, thereby the iPad 3G price is $130 higher and now the device costs 629, 729 и 829 USD for 16, 32 and 64 GB correspondingly. Outwardly the iPad 3G can be recognized with the prominent long black plastic strip at the top of the iPad which improves RF transmission.

The iPad 3G is not expected to enter the European market until the end of May.

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