Special version of crosswords for iPad

Stand-Alone company, the developer of such well-known application for iPhone as crosswords, which has long since securely settled on the “counters” of AppStore and is in great request, announced intention to release a specialized version of this application for iPad. A little screen of iPhone doesn’t enable maximum estimation of this application facilities but tablet will change the situation.

Even today it is safe to say that crosswords will have very high rate of popularity in their genre as their “paper brother” has been integral part of any journey for years, they are called upon to brighten up black moments of expectation. Puzzles has enjoyed special popularity at all times, this is one of easy and unobtrusive ways of headpiece and erudition development, that is why we will most probably see abundance of such applications soon.

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The only drawback is unavailability of other languages allocation, only English is possible. On the other hand this is even for the better as Multilanguage crosswords sound a bit incredibly. In order to release rally worthwhile product it will probably be necessary to involve various publishers which will regularly issue new versions of crosswords and it is not improbable that purchase of crosswords will be realized via embedded store.

Any way this is very interesting topic, we will acquaint you with full description of this application after outlet of version for iPad.

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