iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 4

iPhone SDK 3.2 beta has been updated 4 times by now. The release of each update gives employment to developers and new portion of information for various rumors, assumptions and discussions about novelties from Cupertino company to journalists and bloggers.

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Concerning specification, judging by the latest 10M2144 assembly review, distribution disk of SDK contains complete set of Xcode 3.2.2 features together with Xcode IDE. This heavy artillery must be enough for creation of applications for iPhone OS, Mac OS X and what is more for iPad which programmers can see now only as iPhone Simulator based on iPhone OS 3.2.

As for the rumours, the talks about the tablet’s integrated camera became irrelevant as Apple has removed several icons related to video chat, icon Camera has been also removed.

Then, there were found some files indicating that Apple is opening up some new gestures to app developers, namely the long tap currently used to pop up the copy / paste menu and the triple-tap used to flip the display on and off when using VoiceOver. Now, due to added gestures any developer can use them in applications.

As bonus, those who had time to gain new beta will be given the opportunity to create optimized for iPhone OS 3.1.3 programs for Apple communicators. But inverse compatibility with development tools for iPhone OS 2.х lack in this SDK version.

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