iPad won’t rival its counterparts

I envy Apple’s self-confidence, they have ordered about 5 million iPads and this is only for the first half of 2010. This information is provided by FBR Capital Markets, citing unnamed informant amongst Cupertino company partners. The previous information was about 4 to 5 million tablets.

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Analysts say that all rumors about the iPad’s outlet delay are nonsense and Apple isn’t really behind schedule, it is just whetting appetite of potential purchasers. It’s difficult to say who exactly supplies details for the iPad but majority of contractors make components for iPhone also. This quarter iPod orders have been hiked by 133%, notebook orders by 70%, desktop orders by 100%. As for the details for iPhone, their orders were cut by 20%.

One more question of general interest is iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi compatibility which can enable internet access from the iPad through telephone connection and whether this couple can become the iPad 3G competitor. Well, Steve Jobs disappointed us with his unambiguous answer NO to the question about the iPad and iPhone synchronization by means of Wi-Fi.

So, the tablet won’t rival its counterparts and will just add tidy sum to the family budget.

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