Gismodo, Epilog and Adafruit are looking for talents

You will win prizes for the most trendy or most embarrassing etching design for iPad backplane. These prizes are two 16GB Wi-Fi iPads kindly granted by Epilog, there will be original author’s etching made by Adafruit on these tablets.

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In order to receive free iPad you have to design either extremely stylish and eye-pleasing image or something absolutely outstanding and embarrassing that you’d be shamed to take your iPad out of the house with such picture (if it would be etched on the tablet). Two the best of these extremes will appear on iPad backs, and the iPads with etchings will in turn make it through to the designers. Remember that it’s not enough just to design something embarrassing, let’s be creative. Only the most original images will make you the winner.

Those who want to participate in the contest can send their entries to with “iPad Design Entry” in the subject line. You should mention in the letter whether your design is beautiful or embarrassing. Send your entries in JPGs, you will also need to provide a vector image which can be loaded in the machine.

The works will be received by midnight PST April 3. And one more point, the contest is open only to the USA residents over the age of 18.

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