Apple secrecy

Apple as usually keeps everything secret. We all remember that there was not a single photo of the iPad in the Internet up to the presentation on January 27. This is real secrecy! Here is the new situation which is going on under the lee: the group of selected software developers can test their applications not on the ‘beta 5 version’, which represents the real picture not so good, but on the real iPad.

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However, in order to be given with the holy of holies of the Cupertino company i.e. the iPad, the developers had to sign several volumes of non-disclosure agreement and follow the safety requirements carefully.
These requirements are as follows:

– the developers must work with the iPad only in isolated room with blacked-out windows;
– the iPad must remain tethered to a fixed object;
– the iPad must be kept under lock and key etc.

Not all wanting to test the device had such opportunity. For example, Digital Chocolate found by former Apple’s employee was turned down while The Wall Street Journal managed to get hold of the device and now ‘happy pioneers of tapping’ can adjust their electronic edition for the iPad precisely.

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