Apple opened the floodgates to writers and poets in iBook Store

Apple opened the floodgates to writers and poets in iBook Store for the purpose of casing in on them. Now, anybody who has literary talent, or thinks he has it, can sell his works in iBook Store.

Google Ads:

Though, wish list for hack writers is rather long. Thus, except your manuscript you also need:

– to have USA citizenship as Tax ID is required;
– your book must have ISBN (International Standard Book Number);
– the book has to be in ePub format only and it has to be checked with ePubCheck;
– and of course, an account in iTunes tied to your credit card is required;
– oh, and you also have to dispose yourself for sharing as Apple requires 30% for its agency.

The idea seems to be not bad as many talented people will be given the opportunity to score a success but at the same time, just imagine how many scribblers will be permitted to litter literary market with their works.

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