App Store and iTunes are cracked

Many Apple App Store and iTunes users are losing their money. Some of them are losing several tens of dollars and others are hundreds of dollars short. Currently it is known that one of victims of hacker’s attack has been stolen over $600.

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However, the money hasn’t just disappeared, it has been spent for apps. Real account owner can trace the history of purchases effected by someone else. Isn’t it nice?

The first hacking activities were noticed in Books category in the AppStore. One of application developers hacked users’ accounts and started to purchase his apps for their money. The overwhelming majority of these apps were books approved by “meticulous” Apple employees in April. These apps virtually have no reviews and these all are books in Vietnamese (though side panels state they support English and Japanese). Thus, this rogue developer increased his apps rankings making them 40 of the top 50 paid apps.

According to recent information, the situation is much more serious than it has been assumed before. This is the work of not one concrete man and concerns not only his apps buyingup. All the more so, it’s happening not only with American accounts. So, at the moment Apple has advised users to change their passwords.

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