Offline Update for Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE Offline Update)

How can we update MSE to a PC without internet connection? In this article we will show you how to manually update your Microsoft Security Essentials with no internet connection, also known as Offline Updates…

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MSE Offline Update

If you are an Microsoft Security Essentials user and your PC are always connected to the internet, then most likely MSE automatically updates without any intervention, if your Windows Update settings are set to automatically download and install updates.

but what if your Windows PC aren’t always connected to internet or you don’t have and internet connection, then MSE Definition file wont be on up-to-date and you wont be protected to the latest threats that can harm your PC and get infected.

So, in order to keep your MSE up-to-date even you aren’t connected to the internet. You’ll need to Update your MSE via OFFLINE Update method.

What is OFFLINE Update on MSE?
MSE Offline Update is a setup/installer file that you will download from the Microsoft Security Essentials official website.
How Can I download it when I don’t have internet?
Well, you’ll still need to access the internet from any Internet Café nearest you, and download the file and save it into your USB Drive, after that plug the USB Drive into your PC and run the file to update your MSE to the latest definition files.

Easy right? so, there are no reasons for you to not update your MSE to keep you protected from any virus infections, it is so time consuming when time comes that your PC got infected and recover it to where it was before.

Always Update your MSE to keep you protected even if your PC are not connected to the internet. A weekly update is what we recommend even if you are not connected to the internet.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Offline Update (32bit)
Download Microsoft Security Essentials Offline Update (64bit)

If you are a MalwareBytes Anti-Malware User, you might consider checking out also our Tutorial on How to Update MalwareBytes Manually (Offline Update)

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