Customize Your Windows XP Clock Tray with TClock Light

Customize your Windows XP Clock Tray that looks like Windows 7 Clock Tray using TClock Light Freeware application…
Yes you can make your Windows XP Default Tray Clock to look like Windows 7 Tray Clock.

Windows XP Default Clock Tray
XP Default Clock

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Customized Windows XP Clock Tray with TClock Light
Customized XP Clock Tray

Its easy to use and its a portable application, no need to install or run any setup.
Download it from link below and extract it to a folder of your choice, then Open tclock.exe, now right-click your tray clock and choose TClock Properties,

from their you can customize your own preference depends on how you want it to look like…

If you want it look like on second preview above. Again, right-click your clock tray and choose TClock Properties
TClock PropertiesOn Color and Font choose Segoe UI and Size to 9, and Format would be like this;

hh:nn ttnddd mmm dd

You must check 12H box and also check Customize format box…

TClock Customized Format

That’s all, click OK and enjoy your new Windows XP Clock look like Windows 7 😉

Download TClock Light for Windows XP

Download Segoe UI Font
Download Hits: 106 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 974.87 kB

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