The Most Secure Phone in The World : Tripleton Enigma E2

Tripleton Enigma E2 might not have the latest Android version or a market of thousands of applications but the Tripleton Enigma E2 mobile phone has the security which no other phone has.

The manufactures and developers of the phone assures that it is the most secur mobile phone in the world as while making a call to Tripleton Enigma E2 mbile it encrypt keys which are very complex and to crack them it is next to impossible.

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The phone cant record video in HD as it just features a 3 Megapixel camera. Also a few other features like the mp3. However the phone doesn’t have Bluetooth. The phone costs around ?1,320. The phone gives a standby battery of 180 hours. The display size of the phone is about 2.4 inches.

The phone is basically made for the business corporates and other nationally required people so that the information and conversation between them doesn’t leak out.


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    What’s the price of the Enigma E2 phones ?