Appvent Calendar 09: Tis the Season To Get Your FREE Apps

We posted it in the forums about some of the great deals of Christmas coming to you but we decided to let it be known on the main site just how great the Christmas season is treated us handheld device gamers.

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 12.39.14 PMAppvent is an absolutely wonderful site that is giving out a FREE surprise app every day, counting down the days till Christmas.  Some titles that have been on the site includes, iBlast Moki, Polyhedra, Way of the Samurai, Smackbots and more.  The real Christmas miracle is that these games are quality apps, some costing up to 4 dollars now being given to you for free as a little present from Santa.  Most of these apps were very well received when released and it’s just amazing for us gamers to see.

Google Ads:

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 12.38.42 PMAlso, EA games is getting into the mix as well.  Of course, their games are a little too pricey to just go giving out to people for free but they’re slashing it down to a DOLLAR.  And these are apps that are charging you up to 5-10 dollars.  You can follow both of these sites on twitter at and to make sure you don’t miss out on the festivities!  Handheld gamers, rejoice!

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  • Stewie

    This is the deal of the month. I was afraid it would be a bunch of lousy games and fall flat on its face, but the game’s they’ve been offering are mostly great: 33rd Division, Blimp, Wheeler’s Treasure, iBlast Moki, iPharaoh, Crazy Snowboard, Totemo….. this is quality stuff. I look forward to waking every morning to see what the new deal is.

  • hkiphone

    Cabby today! I was curious about this game, now get to download it for free! Amazing how Xmas makes all developers go crazy~! :)

  • hkiphone

    Yep Snow, I’m still looking for that app to increase the number of hours in a day! I missed out on getting Blimp free, but I paid for 33rd division and STILL Haven’t had time to really play it! If I get into it, I may just buy Blimp for a dollar anyway. Good production work deserves some credit

  • snow_mani

    All this Christmas generosity is making me feel very spoiled! The Appvent has been amazing. I can’t believe some of the titles have been given away for free. I’ve picked up one or two games I didn’t already have and I will be more likely to purchase games from the participating developers in the future. I’ve also made a decision to purchase Blacksmith Games new game – Plush – as soon as it is released. But they are not the only developers who have been generous. There are too many to name and coming so soon after all the sales and give-a-ways that were on offer over Thanksgiving & Black Friday I’m in game overload! I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like that. There are not enough hours in my day. As @hkiphone would say “Is there an app for that?!” :D