Rumours about Safari 5 and Mac OS X 10.6.4

There are rumours that Safari 5 web browser will be presented very soon, it is entirely possible this will happen at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which opens today. There is also unconfirmed report stating that browser update will be fitted with functional which will intensify Apple and Google rivalry. (more…) more

Child labor and campsite – all for iPad

The buttons about Apple iPad’s on-sale date came off the foils. I personally suppose that Apple public relations officers eat their roed sandwiches for a reason as users all over the world are taking lively interest in this device not without their unnoticeable interference. There are two main rumours in the Internet at the present: the first one is about tablet outlet delay because of problems with contractors and the second one is about March 26 as iPad’s estimated on-sale date. Mark you, both suppositions are not unfounded (more…) more

Get your money ready for the day after tomorrow

Apple by tradition stirs up interest before iPad release in order to attract more users. The news got about that since 25th February Apple will start to take preliminary payment for the tablet which hasn’t yet come into the market, the device itself won’t appear on the counters until the end of March. (more…) more

Are the rumours about big iPad true?

There are so many rumours in the Internet… And now they are about the following generation of iPad. The gadget itself hasn’t yet entered the market but there are discussions concerning new device which is supposed to be an intermediate between iPad and MacBook Pro. (more…) more

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