App Review – Screenwriting for iPad

Screenwriting for iPad is a kind of app that may not suit the regular users but should be very useful if you are stepping into the screenplay writing or already a writer. Let’s have a quick look on what screenwriting does for writers. (more…) more

Long-expected iPhone 4

On June 7 during Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 Apple presented its newest device iPhone 4. Despite the fact our web site specializes in another Apple product, we couldn’t ignore this event, so let’s watch the video first: (more…) more

Safari 5 review

Several hours after iPhone 4 presentation a press release announcing Safari 5 hit the web site This is strange but this press release wasn’t placed on Apple’s Safari webpage and what is more it was removed from 15 minutes after its publication. The strangest thing is that Apple really updated browser and made it available for free download on their official web site. So, what’s new in Safari 5? At first, let’s watch video review: (more…) more

Top 5 iPad accessories for travellers

We offer you the review of accessories which will be very useful to the iPad owners who have to travel a lot. So, Top 5 accessories are as follows: (more…) more

We are testing the iPad. Our review is as follows

We call your attention to our small review of Apple iPad. So: (more…) more

Beautiful iPad unpacking photos

The new iPad unpacking process photos of very high quality are as follows, look and enjoy: (more…) more

iPad review live

The first review of ‘real’ iPad made PCMag Internet publication. As you remember, the device will fall into users’ hands very soon, notably April 3. Now we can estimate all Apple iPad facilities, so let’s watch and take good note of it more

Detail verdict about the iPad by USAToday

People, there remained less than three days before the iPad will come to our hands! At least those of us who fell for the madness and were able to realize the relevance of this gadget. And believe me, there are very many looking forward to this new magic device. USAToday decided to attain a detail verdict about the iPad. Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham, provided a comprehensive review of the iPad. (more…) more

Meet the iPad

Today Apple has posted on its web site introductory guided tours giving details of almost all apps for the iPad. Isn’t it the beginning of workshops about use of the iPad? Watch the video and learn. (more…) more

Review of original accessories for the iPad

There has appeared new section on App Store, it relates accessories for the iPad. Altogether Apple presented six official accessories, their reviews are as follows: (more…) more

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