Windows 7 for iPad

iPad has real chances to become a general-purpose device both for ordinary users and representatives of business area, it can be even used for professional purposes. All due to the virtualization program Receiver produced by Citrix Systems that enables work with Windows OS applications on Apple tablet and successful use of the whole device functional in these applications.

So, Citrix developed Receiver and Xen technology which make possible remote control of Windows machine. The application will be adapted for iPad and tablet owners will be able to work fully with WinSoft, even more, it will be possible to run several programs for Windows 7 within one session.

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Many people think that lack of keyboard and mouse in iPad will limit device use in business area even with access to WinSoft but this opinion is groundless because during Receiver development Citrix Systems was actively collaborating with Apple in order to make ease and habitualness of touch-sensitive control including dragging, scaling, panning and work with accelerometer suitable for virtualized Windows neighborhood.

It should be noted that OS itself can’t be installed on iPad as Citrix software triggers Windows from server and just displays it on tablet using it as client control panel i.e. the service is actually internet client instead of full-fledged Windows installation.

On the company’s website, Citrix vice-president of public relations Chris Fleck informed that iPad with Windows 7 corresponds a perfect device which can extend users’ opportunities and be efficient wherever they are. It will also help with no trouble to organize an effective work of tablet and therefore will make use of iPad pleasant to you.

It is common knowledge that future of any gadget depends not only on hardware but mainly on software. And now by virtue of virtualization iPad has prospect in such area of human activities as business area.

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