Making video editing on iPad

Making video editing on iPad became as easy as ABC by the virtue of splendid application ReelDirector. You can use your favorite videos for making new video consisting of the very best moments, you can add various effects, unique sounds, dub in soundtracks etc.

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Program features:

– tutorial project;
– rotate of videos, zoom;
– it is possible to mix videos of different resolutions and orientations in single project;
– text overlay for each clip and fonts can be changed for title / subtitle;
– import of music and audio recording;
– possibility to add photos etc.

One tap is enough to start editing your video, adding transition effects and stitching clips together. Standard timeline looks like a line with preview of frames (you can watch videos in complete expansion and with all elements).


– cross dissolve;
– fade through black/white;
– flash through black/white;
– wipe left/right/up/down;
– whiteout, etc.

The program costs $7.99 and this is not much for multifunctional software. If you don’t believe, then watch:

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