Find My iPad!!!

Price: free
Download link: iTunes

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Find My iPhone is a wonderful service which will help you to find your iPad if you lose it. This app works on any device via iOS or the Internet. Except search of devices, the program has many other useful features enabling remote:

– connection with your iPad which will help to find it faster;

– display messages on your tablet computer screen;

– setting a passcode lock on your device;

– entire erasure of your device memory to protect your personal data.

The fact of the matter is that the app itself is free but it requires a MobileMe subscription, which will cost you $99 per year. Is it worthwhile? If you want to use MobileMe service for other purposes, such as data storage, address book, calendar etc., then it is worthwhile. But just for search in case of possible loss it’s a bit too expensive, if you’re not paranoiac :) Though, it’s only my humble opinion.

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