eBook categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories on iBookstore

Forbes, basing on the information got from Busted Loop, reported that Apple plans to roll up eBook categories for its iBookstore.

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Apple has named about 20 basic categories for e-books that are “Fiction & Literature,” “Reference,” “Romance,” “Cookbooks,” “Comics & Graphic Novels” etc. These categories will be also divided into more than 150 sub-categories, such as “Manga” under “Comics & Graphic Novels,” “Etiquette” under “Reference,” “Special Ingredients” under “Cookbooks” and so on. Some sub-categories, such as “Fantasy” and “Science Fiction & Literature,” are even divided into sub-sub-categories, for example, “Historical,” “Paranormal” etc. Sub-category “Erotica” will be under two sections, namely “Fiction & Literature” and “Romance.”

Busted Loop also reports that a little over 10% (16700 pcs.) of the App Store’s current applications have already been certified as being iPad-compatible. Furthermore, some of them can be compatible only with 3G version of iPad due to lack of GPS in WI-Fi version. The apps utilizing the iPhone’s camera will be interceded at all.

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