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Amazon has made an acknowledgement that it is developing a Kindle app for the iPad. The company has posted a page on its web site describing upcoming Kindle apps for tablet computers, amongst which the iPad is specifically mentioned.

Google Ads:

The application for the Apple tablet will have the same functionality as the app already available for the iPhone, including Amazon’s Whispersync technology for syncing bookmarks, notes, last page read etc.

There is the information that users will have the opportunity to purchase more Kindle eBooks. The application offers smooth virtual page turning and various ways to present an eBook library, for example the animated background which changes subject to the time of day. There will be pictured the man with a book sitting under tree on this background.

Amazon has reported that it won’t take advantage of Apple’s official invitation to submit the iPad applications; it will wait the device release on April 3 and test its apps on it.

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