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Wikibrowsers necessity for iPad, especially paid versions, in view of new Safari release, is placed in question, but Articles app will put a new face on well-known Wikipedia as it allows access to facilities many people even don’t know about.

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So, for a start I’ll say that this application is very beautiful, see screenshots below:

The list of facilities this application offers is as follows:

– autosuggestion in a list line;
– possibility to find articles by title or content;
– search history saving;
– link sharing by E-mail;
– possibility to manage article bookmarks in folders and separate pages;
– copy photos into Camera Roll;
– access recently viewed articles when offline;
– wonderful “Surprise me” feature (shake your iPad and there appears random article from one of the many thousands available on Wikipedia on its screen);

And now let’s talk about already mentioned secret facilities :) :

– you can use maps to learn more about nearby places, this is useful for tourists specially;
– possibility to open contents of some links in additions to articles due to page optimization in the program allows to find a lot of interesting things;
– double-tap and hold on the article to display Chapter index control;
– increase or decrease a font size with two your fingers.

Perhaps, that’s all. The app is available in App Store for $4.99.

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