Add some special thrill to your photo on iPad

ColorSplash is a splendid program that allows you in a simple and fast way to turn your absolutely ordinary photos into interesting and original ones by converting them to black and white while keeping your chosen details in color. There is no special functional in this app but it makes life brighter and more interesting!

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In order to add some special thrill to your photo on iPad you need:

– run the program and open the image with Images button;
– right away after opening, the photo becomes black and white, now choose the element you want
to colour;
– then use your finger as a brush and the iPad’s generous touch screen as your canvas;
– zoom in for work with edges and fine details;
– if you’ve broken the edges, use Grey mode and turn them back into black and white color;
– there are four brushes available: hard- or soft-edged, transparent, or opaque;
– use red circle button to highlight a specific area;
– if you make a mistake simply use the Undo feature to backtrack and try again;
– share your edited image on Facebook, Flickr or Twitter or save to your gallery;
– ColorSplash automatically saves your work in “sessions” in the event that you exit ColorSplash
by accidentally tapping the home button;

You’d better watch the video showing the program in action:

ColorSplash costs $1.99. There is also iPhone/iPod touch version but only iPad’s large screen can show the application’s beauty and ease.

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