A few words about updated applications for iPad

In fact, they make our life more comfortable, interesting and colorful. So, let’s sort out in series.

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First of all we should note that iPad is much more convenient for Internet surfing than communicator iPhon as large touch-screen displays the most part of the page at a time and accelerometer enables turning the device as you like – it will be comfortable to read web sites at any mode. You can scroll the pages with simple motions of your finger up-down. Multi-touch gestures for scaling up-down makes possible to make out minute particulars, by means of grid mode you can easily view all open pages and switch between them.

There is wonderful thing “landscape mode” which makes possible to dimidiate a screen: list of incoming messages is the first part and separate letter looking through is the second one. If you turn the gadget over in “portrait mode”, the message you’re looking through will automatically expand to the entire screen and message-related incoming list will pop-up. Photos mailed to you will be shown in the letter and it will be possible to save them in embedded program “Photos”. Currently, iPad supports all the most popular e-mail servers: MobileMe, Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL but most probably it will be possible to add other servers, as in iPhone.

New application practically caught up to desktop iPhoto in functional. Imagery will be divided into albums and it will be possible to view it in different scales and in slideshow mode also. iPad can be used as digital picture frame but only with charger or docking station connected. By virtue of such accessory as Apple Connection Kit photos can be easily imported from photocamera, added from E-mail and PC. You can even use bindings of photos to faces and places they were made at.

Video and YouTube
Large 9.7-inch screen is very convenient for viewing video, besides picture can be stretched to the entire screen or played back in widescreen mode. All the same is with viewing video from YouTube. Turning the device into landscape mode will make video expand to the entire screen, viewing HD video is also supported.

In fact, application iPod is borderland between mobile player in iPhone and desktop iTunes. It enables assorting media library by songs, genres, performers, albums, it also supports playlists and Genius mixes. The device is fitted out with loud speaker and Bluetooth that enables listening to music through wireless headphones or speakers.

iTunes, App Store, iBooks
Through the application iTunes users can purchase or hire media content in iTunes Store and they can do this without wires just with Wi-Fi or 3G. There are more than 140 000 applications to fit any taste in AppStore; design of the program was a little remade for large screen. The most interesting as for me is iBook – e-book with own iBook Store. iBook is something similar to bookcase in which you can fine up font size and choose typeface for text displaying. This application will undoubtedly be successful.

More applications
There remained Maps, Notes and Сontacts. They were changed and turned into very fine applications. They are made in the manner of Mail.app i.e. in “portrait mode” you can simultaneously view both item list and selected element.

Perhaps, that’s all for the present. Let’s wait for market launch, new applications from Cupertino team and masterworks from soft developers.

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