5 useful apps for your iPad

There is enormous number of iPad apps available in AppStore (over 10,000) but developers are not going to stop at this. That’s why the list of most popular and needed apps changes regularly. But we would like to download the best and most useful apps representing a perfect quality-price ratio. This publication is devoted just to such programs, so, top 5 useful apps for your iPad are as follows:

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1. DocsToGo Premium Price: $14.99.
Download link: iTunes
This is an office suite for your iPad; it works with various document types and offers superb compatibility with Office documents, it also works with two cloud services – SugarSync and Google Docs.

2. ToDo Price: $4.99.
Download lind: iTunes
This is a wonderful organizer, handy and beautiful, it includes a stunning choice of paper and binder styles. The app syncs with your online Toodledo account and Outlook. It supports checklists and projects.

3. Bulletin XL Price: $1.99
Download link: iTunes
This is RSS reader with access to Google Reader, of course, if you have an account. The app can send links by E-mail and allows sharing via Twitter and Facebook.

4. iThoughtsHD Price: $7.99
Download link: iTunes
This is a mind mapping app which lets you organize your thoughts on any project with ease. This is exactly what creative people are often lack of.

5. Air Display
Price: $9.99
Download link: iTunes
This program easily turns your iPad into a wireless external display for your MacBook. The app syncs your iPad with your Mac via Wi-Fi and works as a full-fledged second monitor. Even more, this a touch screen, so you won’t need even mouse to control windows and bars.

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