3D images in your iPad

3D stereo images are now easy to be made on your iPad by means of 3D Camera Studio. To obtain this effect anaglyph technology should be used – a method of encoding a three-dimensional image in a single picture by superimposing a pair of pictures designed for the left and for the right eye, where the glasses with special light filters (red and blue) instead of dioptric lens are used.

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So, the theory has been stated, now we can talk about the application itself. Of course, 3D Camera Studio for iPad is based on 3D Camera app for iPhone and it enables turning usual photos into stereo images and sending them via Wi-Fi or E-mail in JPS, PNS, and MPO formats.

The application features:

– built-in gallery of your images;
– automatic cropping of aligned images;
– a few 3D methods: grey, full color, half color, optimized, and red/blue;
– optional anaglyph enhance mode to automatically boost saturation and brightness;
– various animation speeds;
– built-in assistant;
– ability to copy 3D images to the pasteboard for use in other apps
– 3D movement simulation;
– parallel and cross-eyed stereogram support for photos that don’t require 3D glasses;
– ability to save to the iPad photo album and wireless image transfer to iPhone.

The program also has simple and clear interface which allows moving or scaling images with one click and costs $4.99.

The video is as follows:

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