Top 5 iPad accessories for travellers

We offer you the review of accessories which will be very useful to the iPad owners who have to travel a lot. So, Top 5 accessories are as follows:

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Apple Airport Express is really indispensable upon the road. As it often happens there is no Wi-Fi in a hotel or if it is, the signal is too weak. This device allows you to setup a Wi-Fi network in a matter of seconds. You need just plug the Airport Express directly into the wall and plug-in Ethernet cable, and you have your personal 802.11 N capable Wi-Fi network. The device is a little bigger than a deck of cards but it allows you to setup the Internet with just one port and one cable for $89.99.

iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter is a device which due to the iPad’s portability and Keynote application turns the iPad into a serious laptop rival especially for those who have to regularly give presentations. It will cost you $29.

Belkin Mini Surge Protector/Dual USB Charger – it always seems like there are newer enough power outlets, especially on the road. This accessory gives you 3 power outlets with surge protection plus 2 USB charging outlets. And in spite the fact the USB outlets are not rated for the 10w needed by the iPad, they are great for charging your iPhone and Bluetooth headset. This is very useful and costs only $24.99.

Camera Connection Kit is a device for those who work often with camera and post photos on the site as the iPad is great for blogging and with Camera Connection Kit you can get your digital photos on the iPad and then online very fast and efficiently. This wonderful addition to your accessory bag will cost you $29.

Eagle Creek 2-sided Gear Pack is a bag for all your gadget accessories and cables packing. It is well thought-out and optimized so that you have pockets on the front and back of the pack that allows you to organize all your adapters and cables in one place. The price is $14 -$17.

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