Review of original accessories for the iPad

There has appeared new section on App Store, it relates accessories for the iPad. Altogether Apple presented six official accessories, their reviews are as follows:

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iPad case has shockproof plates covered with microfiber. Really good thing which can serve not only as protection for your iPad but also as recharger and stand for watching videos, in addition, it has headphones slots. Its price is $39.

Keyboard Dock is a full-size keyboard which can be also a dock and enables as typesetting as control of iPad media functions. The device is made of anodized aluminum, keys have low profile. It is necessary for the people typing a lot. It costs $69.

iPad 10W USB Power Adapter
enables iPad 10 watt charging. It fully charges the battery for 2.5 hours due to its 25 watt capacity. The price is $29 per one.

iPad Dock
is the most ordinary dock and stand. It costs also $29.

iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter is used for watching movies, slideshows etc. on the big screen or TV fitted out with VGA-input. The price is $29.

Apple Wireless Keyboard is compatible as with iMac as with iPad and has been produced for a long time now. It’s like as not that keyboard weaving will be refreshed in a few weeks so people who already own it won’t have to spend money for a new one. Of course, lack of wires is good but Bluetooth-connection will rather much consume battery charge. The price is $69.

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