Guitar amplifier on iDevices

We have great news for all who can play guitar, or think they can :) . IK Multimedia announced its AmpliTube iRig – a guitar adapter for Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. So, you can jack your guitar or bass directly into your iDevice and obtain access to a lot of effects.

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The new iRig interface will allow you to connect your guitar directly through the headphone/microphone input jack on your iDevice. Thus, you can play anywhere, and effects and sound will be just like with a traditional guitar adapter.


– 1/4? jack mono instruments input with Hi-Z impedance adapter – suitable for guitars, bass, synthesizers, mixing consoles;

– 1/8? mini-jack stereo output can be connected to headphones, amplifiers, powered speakers;

– compatible with iPad, iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd generation;

– ultra-low latency;

– noise filter.

Currently, the AmpliTube app is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The program offers 11 stompbox effects. The video with demo of the AmpliTube iPad app (it is expected to be available very soon) is as follows:

The guitar is a wonderful instrument. It covers a wide genre of music; from rock, blues, jazz, classical, etc. It is also relatively easy to learn to play. But as with any other skill, it requires a lot of patience and practice to work. The first thing one should do when taking beginner acoustic guitar lessons is to find out which hand he uses to play the guitar with. Most people assume that just because you are left or right handed, you will also play the guitar the same way. Since you use two hands, one for strumming and one for the fret board, it is important to know which hand is to be used for each purpose. The reason for this is a guitar's strings are usually aligned with the thickest string on top, gradually thinning down as it reaches the bottom. With this setup, the left hand is used to tap the frets, and the right hand is used for strumming. If you feel that your left hand is much suited to handle the strumming, and that the right hand for tapping notes, then the strings need to be attached the opposite way; starting with the thinnest string on top, and the thickest one at the bottom. A very famous guitarist who plays the guitar this way is Jimi Hendrix.


Apple iPod can already be use in the guitar music. Because of
the modernization of technology there are lots of ways that you can use the
guitar to give a pleasant sound to everybody listening to them. Guitar is a
unique technique that can be use in different type of phones. 


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