Voice Control on the iPad

The iPod Touch 3G and iPhone 3GS users have been using voice control for various purposes for a long time by now, however the Cupertino company didn’t include this function in the iPad for some reason, though its built-in microphone enables usage of this function. But due to jailbreak this unfairness can be easily removed!

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So, we have the jailbroken iPad in our hands. First of all, we should install afc2add patch from Cydia, this will give us the full access to file system of the device by the instrumentality of file manager though USB.

Then we need edit the file K48AP.plist, which is in the folder /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app. We need copy it to the computer and add to capabilities area two lines:

After this we copy the file back to the device and restart it.

Now we should press the button Home during 3 seconds and then we get our Voice Control.

You can also just download the file K48AP.plist and install it in the same folder, and one more method is to install it from Cydia, repository apt.alleon.name, patch voicecontrolipad.

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