Old School on your iPad

You must admit that despite the fact that all these newest games are very cool and realistic, sometimes you feel nostalgic for Battle City or Zelda:) If sometimes you’re disposed to regress to childhood, then this article is for you. We’ll tell you how it’s possible to play games from Super Nintendo on your up-to-date iPad. (more…)...read more

Flash set-up on iPad

Since the first iPhone was released the whole world has condemned Apple for lack of Flash on their mobile platform. Steve Jobs says the reason for this is Adobe’s idleness – they don’t want to develop this technology that’s why it is so “voracious”. Though, in spite of Apple’s ban, enthusiasts such as Comex, the author of the latest Jailbreak for iPad, managed to run Flash on iPad due to Frash utility. (more…)...read more

Is it possible to send SMS from iPad?

I’ll tell you something very interesting. Turns out, it’s possible to send SMS from your iPad. Are you interested? Then follow the instructions and you’ll do it So, for a start you’ll need iPad Wi-Fi+3G with jailbreak, APT (though, if you have Cydia, APT is already there), OpenSSH with terminal on Mac/Win and iPad, for example, pTerm. Let’s get started: (more…)...read more

BTStack Keyboard – connect mouse to the iPad | Cydia

Splendid application from Cydia – BTStack Keyboard has been updated. It enables connection of almost all Bluetooth keyboards to the device. Basic and the main innovation is the iPad support. (more…)...read more

Fixing the problem with locating in Maps

Many users, having made jailbreak of their iPad , complain about an error arising when locating in Maps. If you have also faced this problem, then just carry out the following actions for its correction. (more…)...read more

How to view the iPad contents in Finder

Many users would for sure appreciate fast and easy access to file system of the iPad, and what can be easier on Mac than access through Finder?! Now it became possible due to the app from Cydia – Netatalk, of course it’s only for users with jailbroken Apple tablet computers. (more…)...read more

Voice Control on the iPad

The iPod Touch 3G and iPhone 3GS users have been using voice control for various purposes for a long time by now, however the Cupertino company didn’t include this function in the iPad for some reason, though its built-in microphone enables usage of this function. But due to jailbreak this unfairness can be easily removed! (more…)...read more

The iPad Jailbreak

It has happened – the iPad has been jailbroken! And this is not tethered jailbreak – it’s full-fledged one which can be done with one click only. The new utility is called Spirit!, besides the iPad it can make a jailbreak of the iPhone and iPod Touch with 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 weavings. (more…)...read more

Add the color

What is your favorite color? Blue? Red? Green? Whatever, just for $410 your iPad will be redyed in any color and this will be called enclosure upgrading. So, if you want to stand out then redye your iPad. ...read more

Shining iPad

For those who can’t afford diamond iPad so far, Crystal Roc Company will offer its shining alternative by the end of April. (more…)...read more

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