Zen Bound 2 Universal: an original puzzle

Price: $2.99
Download link: iTunes

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Puzzles have always been popular and thrilling way of pastime. Though, unfortunately, they all resemble each other at any rate, they duplicate classic ideas and their implementation is almost always identical. But Secret Exit Ltd offers perfectly nonstandard approach to well-liked puzzles with its updated Zen Bound 2 Universal.

The following video shows the app in action:

Game features:

– over 100 levels;
– new gameplay modes;
– highly detailed visuals;
– new Ghost Monkey music;
– all levels from the original Zen Bound, all with visual upgrades, some with new gameplay;
– universal app: Zen Bound 2 now runs on all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices with OS 3.1 or newer;
– supports the gyro on iPhone4 for increased accuracy of rope direction;
– minor frame-rate improvement on iPad.

The game boasts a jolly good graphics, practically realistic physics and weakening music, which encourages a gameplay. This puzzle looks quite original against other apps of this type and deserves consideration. All you have to do is to wrap a rope around 3D object. Do you think it’s easy? Then try :)

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