Touch Pets Dogs Preview Video

Ngmoco is prepping for their new release entitled Touch Pets Dogs which is clearly a Nintendogs clone.  If you have a young one or just really love raising virtual pets your going to want to keep an eye open for this one if it’s anywhere near as good as that it’s going to be a must have app.

Check out some hands-on footage of Touch Pets Dogs!  In this video you will see a few of the tools and techniques for caring for you pup &#8211- in this case a lovely Jack Russell Terrier named “Buttons”  who loves bathtime very much.

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Here is preview trailer we obtained today from them.

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  • Charlie

    ngmoco is just ruling with gameloft and chillingo

  • Ben

    I’m looking forward to this. I would “borrow” my sister’s DS to play Nintendogs, but this looks good too!

  • The Game Reaper

    The amount of spit and polish put in there! Looks fantastic, definately buying this ASAP.