Slingshot Safari HD iPad Video Review

From the creators of the hit game Slingshot Cowboy comes: Slingshot Safari HD! complete with high definition graphics that not only looks and runs beautifully on your iPad but also offers endless hours of fun for the entire family.

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Hey there Cowboy, had enough of cow-tipping on your farm? Then get ready to go on Safari and travel to the most famous locations in Africa! Try your slingshot skills against the most well known African animals including Lions, Hippos and Cheetahs! But beware: this time around the animals won’t let you slip. If you miss they’ll get their revenge and you don’t have too many lives to spare.

Face off against wild animals that react in a variety of ways: some will take off running when the stones start flying and some will Attack! Most animals will only attack when provoked, but if you see a Cheetah, get ready, you never know what’s on its mind. They’re the fastest animals on land and their claws will tear you apart!

Keep an eye out for Bonus Animals like Monkeys and Crocodiles that drop Power Ups. Avoid hitting endangered animals like the Black Rhino so you don’t lose points.

Check out our full video review below:

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