NFL Quarterback Challenge: Sorry NFL fans, Stick with Madden for Now

NFL’s Quarterback Challenge from ProAppSports will test your QB skills and accuracy as you navigate the QB of your favorite NFL team through a series of challenges.  Although you won’t be able to choose which NFL quarterback you want to be, you can choose which team and go through various settings and competitions, trying to complete as many passes as possible.  Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 12.16.01 PM
There are ten different skills challenges that test your ability to hit both stationary and moving targets.  Gain points by completing passes at three different depths, (3D) moving at various speeds with additional points being awarded for completion percentage.  There is a certain amount of prerequisite to complete in order to pass the level, and your high score is kept in order to share via online.

The game has hand drawn graphics and the animation looks decent but it’s not anything to write home about.  There is unlockable content along with plenty of levels to keep you football enthusiasts satisfied if you enjoy the same thing over and over.  And there in lies the problem.  The game just suffers from tediousness as you’re doing the same thing over and over just in different settings with targets that are located in different places.

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To complete the challenge for each level, you must throw accurate passes and hit the targets precisely.  The game tries to simulate the look and feel of real NFL action, so it claims.  Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 12.15.52 PM

You simply place your finger on the screen, pullback and release to throw the football.  The throwing motion for this game is a simple pull back at any angle and release.  Basically, it works like a slingshot.  You pull back and to the right on the screen for left passes and back and to the left for right passes.  Sort of like an “Paper Toss” but inverted.

This here in lies the main issue for me.  Controlling your quarterback’s movement laterally functions the same as throwing the ball in a certain direction.  At times, you will want to move your QB left or right to get a better angle, and sometimes it works to drag your finger over to the direction you want.  But sometimes, you do this and the quarterback locks and loads his arm for the pass, and doesn’t move a bit.  The overall feel of the controls for the QB is shoddy and lacks stability and consistency.

What We Liked:

+ Smooth animation visuals  + Unlockable content  + Lots of various settings  + Pick your favorite NFL team!

What We Disliked:

– Extremely tedious  &#8211- Overall visuals not in the upper echelon  &#8211- Inconsistent shoddy controls  &#8211- Not enough levels   &#8211- Steep price tag

Final Verdict:

The NFL season has been an exciting one, filled with drama, unpredictable sub-plots, and immense intensity.  Unfortunately, you will feel none any of that sort of stuff here.  The gameplay gets tiresome around the 4th go-around, even for the biggest of football fans, (I’m looking at you, Raider fans) and the controls just bog the game down even more.  Even if you manage to somehow get the controls down to progress through the game, it’s not very rewarding and there’s only 10 boring levels that have you doing the same thing just in a different environment.  And they’re going to charge you $2.99?  Sorry NFL fans, stick with Madden for now.


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