Great Deals Of The Week

It’s week five of Great Deals, and we’re continuing to bring you the best buys on the App Store as we find them.

It’s no secret that the App Store has some incredible deals, but with constantly fluctuating prices and a huge volume of games, it can be hard to find the best ones. That’s why each week we’ll be picking out the top 99 cent gems and under $4.99 steals.  The lists are in no particular order.

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99 cent gems
Slot Racers – one of the best racing games on the App Store.
My Brute (limited time sale) – off the wall arena combat game.  Our review.
Free Ballin (limited time sale) – Nice collection of 5 Pinball games.
I Dig It (limited time sale) – cool strategy/action game.
Magnificent Gizmos and Gadgets – Excellent physics based Game.

Under $4.99 steals

1112 – ($1.99) Extremely challenging adventure game you have been warned.
Car Jack Streets ($1.99 limited time sale) – Great GTA clone for the iPhone. Our Review
Hydro Tilt ($1.99) – Guide a Bead of Water over ramps, moving platforms and more similar to Marble Madness .  Our review.
Star Defense (Limited Time starts 7/30) – One of the best App Store TD.
The Treasures Of Montezuma ($1.99 limited time sale) – one of the BEST match three games on the appStore..  Our editor’s choice review.
Sim City ($4.99) – Sim City- Need I say more yes the bugs are fixed!

Total Cost under $25.00

As always, feel free to add your input in the comments below.  Suggestions for future “Great Deals” are welcome.

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