Facebook About to Launch a Phone

Facebook is about launch its own phone, this is the latest rumour about the company that it is planning to make more money by making phones which the company will give out for free.

Facebook Launching phone & iOS6

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Facebook’s toughest challenge till now was how to monetize the mobile applications as most of the people have started using facebook on their smart phones and the company is not earning from the visits through smart phones so in order to earn money from the smart phones also facebook might launch its phones.

The phones shall be distributed for free so that people click more on the advertisements and simply company makes more money. However the news are also coming that Facebook might be specially integrated with the iOS 6 which is going to be the latest version of the iOS by Apple. This news can only be confirmed when Apple launches its iOS6.

Recently Facebook also invented a new option from where we can vote about the privacy settings which facebook is offering to us right now. The option will take feedback from the users and then further changes will be made to the privacy settings of Facebook.

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