Top 10 Paid Android Games

It is one thing for a free app to rise to the top of the Android market, but something extraordinary for a paid Android game to do so with a collectively high user rating and massive download numbers.

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This is a roundup of some of the most popular Android games that also have very high user ratings as well. Click each screen shot to enlarge it or the QR code link to view the QR code.


World of Goo

This game has won numerous awards including “Game of the Year.”  The objective is to use jelly-like Goo balls to build structures (bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues) in order to meet certain objectives As you play you will discover new species of Goo Ball, and their unique abilities and powers – the physics game play is really good.


Enjoy Sudoku

This math puzzle game challenges you to find the right combination of number to complete the grid. The game has 16 levels of difficulty and an unlimited number of puzzles. Enjoy Sudoku has a tutorial you can use to learn new techniques and if you become frustrated you can use the solver to end your frustration – a good Android game for those who like numbers and spend a lot of time alone.


Osmos HD

Osmos is a unique physics-based game that has, awesome graphics, and a hypnotic and tranquil soundtrack. This Android game has also won multiple game of the year awards. The objective of the game is to navigate through a fluid environment and grow by absorbing other organisms, at the same time avoiding being eaten in the process – a beautiful alternative to the shoot-them-up and destroy everything else type of games.

Abduction! World Attack

The objective is to rescue your friends who have been abducted by aliens. As you progress through the game you will be introduced to new and characters and also have an opportunity to earn power-up rewards.


Cut the Rope

You are given a cute little monster called Om Nom to feed. The challenge is to feed him with candy that is swinging on a rope – you have to cut the rope at just the right time so that you hit the bonus objects with the candy and ultimately swing it into Om nom’s mouth – the physics in this one is good also, so too is the graphics.


Dragon, Fly! Full

This is one for the kids. You play the role of a young dragon that has not yet learnt how to fly, but that does stop him from leaving the nest on an adventure to explore the world. Your job is to help him slide down objects get airborne and explore before ‘mama dragon’ gets too anxious and comes seeking to cut his adventure short and bring him back to the nest.


4Player Reactor

A multiplayer game you can use to challenge up 4 of your friends. The game challenges the players to see who will be the first to solve the puzzle and tap in – there are lots of puzzles to keep the players engaged.



An arcade style space shooter in which you collect special weapons and power-ups, upgrade your ship, defend your homeworld and take your stand against the alien horde. Cut through hundreds of bad guys to face giant monsters in unique bossfights.



A classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting your Android backward and forward, left and right to navigate the ball to the finish hole without making it fall into another hole along the way.


Robo Defense

This is a popular tower defense style Android game.

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