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In this day and age having good antivirus software installed on your devices is a must have, an more so if you use the device to access your online accounts, store important data and perform other important tasks.

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If you own or use an Android Tablet you should consider using the ‘Lookout Security & Antivirus’ app. Below is an overview of Lookout’s features. While Lookout is well suited to for use on tablets it works well on Android phones as well.

With research showing that many of the mobile related antivirus apps on the market are useless, you have to be careful of what you use to protect your Android Tablet, less you get lured into a false sense of security. Fortunately, there are competent antivirus apps for tablets out there, and Lookout is one of them according to studies conducted by independent researchers of mobile security solutions.

More than Just Antivirus for Tablets

Lookout is more than just an antivirus app though. In fact, Lookout blocks a large majority of malware, phishing attacks, as well as give you the tools to backup your data or find your device if it is misplaced or stolen, and you get more features in the Premium version.

Premium Features

There is a free version of Lookout that protects Android tablets from viruses, however Lookout does have a premium version which has the following features:

  • Safe Browsing – Blocks links to phishing and malware sites whether they are in a text messages, on a webpage or in a email.
  • Remote Lock & Wipe- Securely lock your tablet if it’s lost or stolen to prevent others from using. You can also use this feature to remotely delete any sensitive data that is stored on the device.
  • Privacy Advisor: Identifies which apps can access sensitive information such as your contacts, location, SMS text messages and identity.
  • Advanced Backup – If you loose your tablet or have to wipe it clean you can backup and restore your photos, call history and contacts when you recover the tablet, or restore the same to a new device.

You can see if the premium features are right for you with a free trial period. Lookout doesn’t require that you give them your credit card info to try the premium features and in fact let you continue using the free version if you don’t want to signup for premium features after the trial period expires.

Phone Security

If you loose or misplace your tablet having Lookout Security & Antivirus installed can make all the difference.  Lookout encourages its users to setup an account at MyLookout.com that will allow them to see the location of the device on a map, or have it alarm if they think the device is nearby but can’t locate it.

And as we mentioned above, having the premium version also allow you to remotely wipe data from the device or lock it.


Lookout Security & Antivirus is one of the top-rated antivirus apps for tablets, which is why we included it in our roundup to the best Android antivirus apps. Sure there are other anitivirus apps that you can consider but you should remember that quite a few don’t perform as well as their developers claim.  code

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