How Your Phone can Help Solve a Crime

There are apps that can protect sensitive information on your while others can even help you find the phone if it is lost or misplaced, but how about seeing a picture of the culprit who actually stole your phone?

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GotYa! can do just that. This security app takes a silent snapshot with front facing camera of anyone who is attempting to use your device, whenever the screen lock is entered incorrectly.

After taking the picture, it acquires the location of the device with a Google maps link, and then send it with a time stamped picture to your email or Facebook!

The app is also great for seeing who is trying to use or access data from your device when you aren’t looking. GotYa! can also be controlled through simple remote SMS commands that allows you to:

  • Lock/Unlock your device
  • Request a location
  • Request a callback
  • Play an alarm sound (even if muted)
  • Be notified on SIM change

Friendly Mode

If you are concerned that the app will annoy you with emails every time you make a mistake entering the unlock code, you can enable the “Friendly Mode” that allows the app to grant access to your device even after few wrong attempts, while still sending the device location in background.

Additional Features in the Full Version

This is the Lite version, purchasing the Full version gives you these additional features

  • Email/Facebook notifications support with location
  • Remote SMS commands
  • Smart screen ON capture trigger
  • Queued system notifications support
  • Incremental, time-stamped, captures support

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