How to Send a Fax with Your Android

There are quite a few Android fax apps on the market that promise to endow your phone or tablet with wonderful faxing capabilities; the truth is they often don’t work as marketed – in some cases never sending a fax while still charging you.

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With a electronic faxing facility you can have a more convenient way to send and receive faxes while at the same time eliminating the expenses of having a separate fax line, fax machine, and fax supplies –play your cards right and you may even save yourself some money as well.

Electronic faxing services usually give you dedicated fax number (tied to your email address) that allows you to send and receive faxes by email. You can download and use an Android fax app from the Market, but if you think about it you really don’t need a dedicated Android fax app to send a fax from your Android – all you need is an email-to-fax account, some credit and a Android camera app.

If you haven’t yet signed-up for an electronic fax account you can try eFax. They have a 30-day trial that allows you to send 150 as well as receive 150 faxed pages. Beyond the 30-day trial you can sign up for their service for $12.95/month which allows you to send and receive 150 pages as with the 30-day trial – beyond the 150 pages you will be charged about US$0.10/per page for faxing to a US based number.

Sending a Fax From Your Android Phone

You can send a fax from any camera app that allows you to share an image via email, but the CamScanner app is perfect for this kind of task.  Here is how it works:

Sending a fax with eFax?

  1. Take a picture of the page you want to fax.
  2. Press the share button and select email
  3. Enter the recipient’s fax number followed by “”. The pages will be sent to the recipient’s fax machine and you will be provided with an email confirmation.

How do I receive faxes?

You will receive an email with a PDF or TIF attachment of the faxed pages to the email address you had specified. You can also access your faxes online by logging into your eFax account.

We should mention that eFax does have an Android app, but it has some issues to work out. We think you are better off using a browser to access the web version of the service.

Other options

As we said before there are Android fax apps available on the Android Market, some of those include: eFax and MetroFax Mobile as well as CamScanner which has a built-in faxing feature – you will need to purchase credits to send faxes though.

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  • Anonymous

    Looking around quickly about a fax app, I noticed all of them need a data connection for the computers owned by the companies with each app. What would be nice would be a fax app that uses the phone line connection to launch and catch the fax. You photograph the page, hit “dial”, add the number, and hit the fire button, and the fax is pumped through the phone line part. No need to waste data -or even have a data connection.

    The problem with email is multifold. Many entities disable attachments due to viruses. Back in the day, I disabled attachments as it would crash my mail reader of choice. As fas as email security, I have one word: Hillary. Also, an important fax can get lost in spam in any mailbox.