Android Internet Calling Setup Instructions

Even though the new Gingerbread OS has Internet calling integrated there is still a long list of VoIP and so called WiFi calling apps you may be interested in, but if you already have a SIP account there is no need to install a third party app. Instead just configure your Android to make Internet calls using the steps outlined below.

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 Gingerbread Internet Calls Feature

With Gingerbread installed on your Android you can make and receive Internet calls and get cheaper international rates than you would otherwise get from your service provider, here is how you can setup Internet calling on your Android phone.

The Internet calling feature is integrated into the Gingerbread operating system so all you will need to get it working is to configure the feature with your SIP account.

  • You can find the feature under “Menu”, “Settings”, “Calling Settings”
  • Under “Internet Call Settings” hit the “Accounts” button
  • Enter your SIP account username, password and server.

If you don’t have a SIP account just yet there are quite a few US based SIP account providers; you can find a more comprehensive list here.


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